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Stickney Church of England Primary School and Pre-School

Learn • Enjoy • Achieve

In a caring Christian Community developing full potential and mutual respect for all

Aims and Values

Our aims and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

To work in partnership with the home, the church and the community, to be supportive and treat all members with mutual respect:

• Listening to all concerns.

• Clear school rules that are consistently applied.

• A prominent and effective school council.

• Seeking and listening to the views and opinions of pupils, parents and staff.

• Promotion of links with the church, village and diocesan events.

• Links with and support of local charities.

To be a caring Christian community that teaches and nurtures Christian values and welcomes children and families of all faith backgrounds and of none:

• Promotion of a Christian ethos.

• Teaching Christian principles of love and forgiveness.

• Encouraging people to treat others as they wish to be treated themselves.

• Being inclusive, recognising equality and diversity.

• An environment where people can be open and honest about their faith and beliefs.

• Valuing collective worship.

• Providing worship that reflects our links with Christianity and the Anglican church.

To develop a wide range of skills throughout all areas of the curriculum, developing each individual’s sense of curiosity and their talents to the full:

• Everyone to achieve their full potential.

• Provision of high quality teaching and learning.

• Provision of appropriate curriculum for our children.

• Teaching styles to cater for all learning preferences.

• Professional development for our staff.

• Opportunities for parents to learn about and share in their children’s learning.

To provide a stimulating and attractive environment in which our children will be

encouraged to develop positive attitudes to learning, independence and a sense of

personal worth:

• A classroom ethos which supports enjoyment and learning for all.

• Praising of effort and achievement.

• A climate of learning where all are encouraged to take risks.

• Promotion of physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development.

• Encouraging balanced self-evaluation.

• High quality teaching and learning resources.

To make school a safe and happy place where everyone feels valued and celebrates the achievements of others:

• Provision of a safe playground which provides opportunities for enjoyment and scope for imagination.

• Zero tolerance of bullying.

• Celebrating the success of all through valuing the achievement of staff, pupils and


• Valuing and promoting work-life balance.

To encourage everyone in our school community to have a healthy lifestyle, courtesy and good manners:

• Teaching of courtesy and politeness.

• Teaching and encouraging the whole school community to have a healthy lifestyle.

To nurture and extend the school’s involvement with the local and wider community, valuing the world in which we live:

• Promotion of care for the local environment.

• Providing opportunities to learn about our local environment and community.

• Providing opportunities to learn about and see the world beyond our local community.

• Promoting environmental awareness.

• Making links with and supporting the needs of the developing world.

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