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Stickney Church of England Primary School and Pre-School

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In a caring Christian Community developing full potential and mutual respect for all

Learning in Reception Class

A significant amount of time is spent developing each child's personal, social and emotional development including self-awareness, self-confidence, building relationships, understanding contexts and making behaviour. The staff also invest time in developing a child's resilience and persistence. These characteristics of effective leaning are shared with parents at their first parents evening.


Staff are committed to 'in the moment' planning to engage children in deep level and sustained learning, where the children are able to follow their own interests whilst being supported and engaged by a highly-skilled adult in order to move their learning on. This results in greater levels of pupil involvement and well being. Some activities are set up for the children in order for the children to learn new skills. Phonics, mathematics and PE are planned and taught weekly and are based on weekly and often daily assessments of children's abilities. These assessments are shared with parents via Tapestry and as the children mature they become involved in recognising their next steps through our 'Reach for the stars' programme.


Role play areas change with the children's interests. Children are encouraged to help 'build' the area in order to take ownership of it. Time is spent showing the children where the provision is and encouraging them to access it when they start school. Open ended resources are provided outside and inside so that children can drive their own learning and develop their creativity and critical thinking. Children enjoy being challenged and have resources that they can access at any time and combine both indoors and outdoors. Children have access to a mud area and outdoor wear. Children access the school field and wildlife area on a daily basis in their wellies, whatever the weather!


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is covered throughout the year and is part of our learning environment. Children learn about special times that they experience and special times that others experience. Children enjoy sharing these experiences with the other children via Tapestry. Staff exploit any instances of awe and wonder and the children are encouraged to be reflective and to ask questions during our 'think and drink' time. Children enjoy visits to local places of worship.


Each day the children work towards achieving their gold star for the day and they are continually involved in making choices and decisions. Exercise and healthy eating are part of our daily routine. Children work together to look after their environment and they learn about staying safe.

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