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Stickney Church of England Primary School and Pre-School

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In a caring Christian Community developing full potential and mutual respect for all




To inspire our pupils to explore the physical and human aspects of our planet, understanding the geographical processes, and being able to engage with others to help solve issues on local, national and international levels.





                             Human                                           Physical


Year 1  -      England, London and the                 Oceans, Weather & Maps.              

                     four countries of the UK.                   

                  Our homes, village & 



Year 2  -      Disney Theme parks &                     Continents & Atlases.

                    Olympic venues


Year 3  -      South America  - cities &                  South America  -  mountains,

                    countries.                                          rivers, rainforest and desert.


Year 4  -      North America  -  cities &                  North America  -   mountains, 

                    countries.                                          rivers & deserts.


Year 5  -      National comparison -                       Rivers

                     Highlands of Scotland &

                     South East England.


Year 6  -      Europe -  cities & countries.              Europe -  mountains, rivers, biomes  

                                                                             & climate.

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