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To develop children's experiences and understanding of History, including their personal history whilst encouraging them to use historical language and key vocabulary to the area of study.  We aim to ignite their curiosity about local history and the wider world using research and investigation skills to study how events happened and the effect they have had on our lives today and to consider how they've shaped the future. 




Year Group

Areas Of Study


Studies will develop skills in ‘developing an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time’


Year 1

Famous People - Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong, Florence Nightingale & Queen Elizabeth II

Themes - Castles, Pirates & Ships, Victorian toys & homes.

Changes over time - Holidays, Homes & Houses


Year 2

Famous People - David Attenborough, Walt Disney, Julia Donaldson, Vincent Van Gogh & Grace Darling

Themes - Olympics, Pilgrim Fathers

Event - The Great Fire of London


Year 3

Ancient Egypt - the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians – an overview of where and when

A Local History Study – The Pilgrim Fathers, Mayflower, our Victorian school


Year 4

Invaders & Settlers:

-Romans - To study the Roman Empire impact on Britain – compare life before and after the Romans, including the Celts

-Anglo-Saxons – Britain’s settlements and kingdoms

-Vikings – the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggles for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor


Year 5

Victorians - a study of Greek life and achievements and their influence of the Western World

Ancient Greece - study of Victorian Britain and the influence of the Empire, including key dates and cultural figures


Year 6

Stone Age to Iron Age Britain - the land-use and technology

Baghdad - The City Of Light - Study of Early Islamic Civilization including the geography of Mesopotamia



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